The Expert of 


Our members are highly experienced in bio medical and cosmetic industry. We provide high quality service and products to our clients and partners.

The Pioneer of Biotechnology.

Artgen constantly develops and researches biological new materials with doctor of engineering, professional chemists and doctors. We have moved a step further in the genetic biological engineering industry field through this study.

The Leader of

New Market.

Artgen always puts efforts to become one of the leaders in the fast paced medical industry markets. We do not hesitate to research to discover new trends and to look for niche market to be part of the medical industry markets.​


We are Artgen.

We will be the leader in the bio medical and cosmetic industry globally based on biotechnology.




We provide and distribute derma cosmetic products that are combined with new biotechnology to cosmetic hospitals globally.

Hospital Business


We source, develop and export general medical products that are used in domestic and international cosmetic hospitals such as medical equipment, medical drugs and medical instruments.



We do our best to research and develop the newest and the best products cooperating with professional doctors and specialized people to be one of the best leaders in the fast paced medical industry markets.

Domestic & Global Sales


We focus on developing the newest medical products. We are a global company and distribute our medical products to Japan, China, East Asia and North America.




 When we started, we have accomplished and we are going to write more history in the future. 



Artgen Established


Exporting hospital use dermatology cosmetic products to Japan

Registered in DOG-EGF International Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary (ICID) as the first one in the world


Exporting medical drugs, medical equipment, and cosmetics to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand


Exporting medical products to skincare clinics and hospitals in Japan.


Exporting medical equipment and dermatology cosmetics to the Middle East, America, China and Myanmar.


Exporting medical products to skincare clinics and hospitals in Japan


Exporting medical products to skincare clinics and hospitals in Japan (total 80 branches)


Launching PET brand MUMUTTO 

Exporting medical products to skincare clinics and hospitals in Japan (total 80 branches)

Age is nothing but just a number. The newest medical science and cosmeceutical products slow down or even set back our aging mechanism. Artgen will support and help to be an ideal woman who is confident, beautiful and challenging.

“Passion for dreams is noble and beautiful.”

“Our mission is to become the centre of the world.” 

CEO Jung Hyun Noh




Artgen's CEO welcomes you to get to know our business and the company motto. 



We believe to work ethically and to have social responsibilities as a global company.


Think Nature

Whatever we do, we believe Mother Nature should be the top priority. Our inspiration always comes from the nature and we truly think being natural and environmentally friendly are beneficial.

Think the Team

We value dedication and passion of every person. We also help and support them to bring their potentiality. Let’s work together like we are the one family.

Think Others

There are people who need our help in the world. Artgen has been involved in many charity activities such as UNICEF, Good Neighbors, etc. We always hope to become the one with neighbors.




Here are the products we are currently manufacturing & developing. 

Cosmetic Intredietns

ARTGEN develops and distributes growth factors (EGF, IGF, bFGF, KGF, VEGF and PDGF) which is key of dermatology as cosmetic ingredients.

Medical B2B

Developed with unique & distinguishable biotechnology, Artgen’t products are being exported to various medical clinics and hospitals in the world.



Japan Pet Skin Care brand Mumutto uses a dog skin protein which is the world's first epidermal growth factor registered with ICID for managing our precious pet. 

It is currently sold in department stores in Japan, such as Isetan and Mitsukoshi.

Mumutto is a premium pet skin care brand aiming to advance into the global market through Artgen.


Dr.Baaluju is a cosmeceutical brand that Artgen ambitiously developed by cooperating with a skin clinic in Japan. It is the new concept of highly functional skin care brand that materializes skin cell reproduction defense system that can set back human aging mechanism.